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You may not be familiar with Bailoy irrigation control systems. But, chances are, you will be familiar with some of the products behind the name. That’s because Bailoy pioneered decoder- based irrigation technology in the late 1970s, with its first system “The SC3000” being snapped up by golfing giant Toro just a few years after its humble inception. Hence a number of Bailoy irrigation products were branded Toro from between 1984 and 2006, including the Trident and Gemini control systems, as well as hardware for the SitePro Central Decoder System (CDS).

Bailoy Products have designed, manufactured and constantly improved their products to bring maximum value and unbeatable performance to the greenkeeping profession.

Versatile and affordable, the GTI range of controllers are equally adaptable for use on football pitches, tennis courts and all kinds of sporting arenas and large gardens.