In Line Dosing System

Heron’s in-Line dosing system is accurate, easy to use, and requires minimum maintenance. The In-line dosing system has many design features to ensure that acid and fertilizer are dosed accurately and safely.

  • Up to 6 fertilizer injectors and one acid injector can be fitted.
  • Up to 16 dosing recipes can be programmed.
  • Venturis are used for fertilizer and acid dosing to provide a rugged design with minimum moving parts.
  • As standard, fertilizer dosing is controlled by measuring electrical conductivity (EC).
  • Proportional dosing of fertilizer available when using a flow meter.
  • Dosing system uses a unique algorithm to give accurate pH and EC control with varying flow rates.
  • Concentrated acid (70%) can be used as the Heron inline dosing system automatically predilutes the acid.
  • No moving parts or seals in contact with the concentrated acid.
  • Changing acid barrels could not be simpler or safer. Just drop the acid line in the new barrel.


The Heron In-Line dosing system can be used for many growing mediums, but is ideal to meet the demands of hydroponics or using bag growing mediums. This system is suitable for large irrigation flow rates of up to 60 cubic meters per hour. Heron’s inline dosing system also offers a cost effective alternative to mechanical fertilizer injector

Heron’s inline dosing system can be stand alone or connected to a Heron irrigation controller. Up to 5 dosing rigs can be connected to one Heron irrigation controller. If connected to a Heron irrigation controller, dosing recipes can be changed automatically as different irrigation programmes are run.

For each dosing recipe you can specify:

  • Which fertilizer injectors to use
  • Whether the fertilizer injector is to be controlled by EC or proportion
  • The percentage (0 to 100%) that each injector will contribute to the recipe
  • Whether acid injection is required and the required pH level.
pH Range Measuring : pH 8.9 to pH 2.5 Controlling pH 7.5 to pH 5.5
EC Range Measuring 0.00 mS to 9.99. mS Controlling 0.2 to 5.0mS
Irrigation Flow Rate Range 3:1 (The maximum flow rate cannot be more than 3 times minimum flow rate)
Injector Flow Rate Standard fertilizer injector 3 LPM High flow fertilizer injector 5.5 LPM
Outputs Alarm output (24VAC) activated by 11 alarm conditions Digital connection to Irrigation Controller
Inputs 2 x Remote Start Inputs Flow meter input for paddle wheel or pulse type flow meters