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About Mottech Parkland

Mottech Parkland Pty Ltd is a proven water and resource management services company. Mottech Parkland provides industry-leading remote-control solutions for water and irrigation applications using Motorola’s IRRInet state-of-the-art control, monitoring and communication technologies. We are the prime distributor of Motorola IRRInet water control and environmental monitoring systems in Australia.

Mottech Parkland is also the official Australian distributor for Spectrum Technologies agronomic metering tools, and Bailoy Gemini/Trident Decoder Systems. Our relationships with these manufacturers are long-term and sound.

We offer solutions based on over 30 years’ experience, ensuring constant, reliable and accurate water usage, while reducing operational and maintenance costs. Mottech Parkland focuses on the market segments of agriculture, water distribution, municipal and commercial landscape, as well as wastewater and stormwater reuse.

Mottech Parkland’s six core business values are:

  • Build long term relationships
  • Offer new solutions
  • Make it easy!
  • Provide open communication
  • Give outstanding service
  • Provide cost-effectiveness

Mottech Parkland was originally established in 2010, as Parkland Australia Pty Ltd, and was part of New Zealand based Parkland Products Ltd. In 2019 Parkland Products Ltd sold 50% of Parkland Australia Pty Ltd to MTI Wireless Edge Ltd, the owners of Mottech Water Solutions Ltd.

Parkland Australia then became Mottech Parkland, and the investment of Mottech Water Solutions Ltd in Parkland Australia has enabled our company to strengthen our links with the worldwide master distributor of the Motorola IRRInet system, and deliver significant benefits to our customers and end users.

Mottech Parkland’s extensive industry knowledge, and our team with specialist skill sets will help you achieve and maintain the best turf and agricultural irrigation, wastewater, leachate and lighting systems – whatever your requirement!


• Mottech IRRInet • Heron • Toro • Rainbird • Bailoy • Davis • Spectrum


• Mottech IRRInet • Bailoy • Toro • Rainbird • Davis • Spectrum • Aquacheck • Multispacial Drone Mapping


• Mottech IRRInet • Toro • Rainbird • Davis • Heron • Spectrum • Aquacheck • Multispacial Drone Mapping


• GTI Trident • Toro • Rainbird • Davis • Spectrum • Multispacial Drone Mapping