Irrigation Design & Specification

Mottech Parkland Irrigation Services

An irrigation system is a significant investment. It is a major tool in protecting a valuable asset – sports turf, golf course, crops or landscape planting. An irrigation system typically has a design life of 20 years, so it makes sense to get the foundations right for a system that is:

  • EFFICIENT in its use of water and energy resources, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the system in reduced chemical, fertilizer, power & water costs
  • PRACTICAL to use on a day-to-day basis
  • EASY to install and maintain
  • CAPABLE of supplying water evenly to all plants
  • VALUE for money over the life of the system
  • FUTURE-PROOFED as irrigation technology moves fast

No two sites are the same so it is important to have irrigation designed for a specific application. A good design will take into consideration agronomic, water and environmental factors, along with hydraulic engineering and irrigation technology. Irrigation systems of all sizes are Parkland’s speciality. We offer outstanding, cost effective irrigation design services for:

  • Sports fields, racecourses & golf courses
  • Landscape parks & gardens
  • Horticulture / Agriculture
  • Commercial & residential properties

How great design can save you money:

  • By using the latest irrigation techniques and products.
  • By matching your requirements and budget
  • By specifying components which lower installation costs
  • By reducing the water applied to provide optimum plant growth