Irrigation Auditing

Irrigation Services

A quality irrigation system is the key to effective water resource management, cost reduction and the health of turf, plants or crops. Once installed, however, it can be difficult to know if it is working as it should.

Parkland’s audit services can provide reassurance or help you get the best out of your existing system, or determine if an upgrade is warranted. As demands on all organisations increase, water users are increasingly requesting audits to:

  • Determine if a system is efficient & effective
  • Monitor water use
  • Find ways to reduce power, chemical, labor & water costs
  • Help optimise plant health
  • Provide benchmarks for future system performance
  • Prove to the water provider that the resource is being used efficiently
  • Identify specific and on-going maintenance required to optimise the system

Parkland‘s irrigation technicians use the latest technology for precision analysis. These include:

  • Soil moisture with profile mapping & GPS
  • Soil compaction with profile mapping & GPS
  • pH with profile mapping & GPS
  • Irrigation infiltration testing
  • Efficiency – distribution uniformity / schedule co-efficient testing
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Water quality testing

Parkland’s irrigation audits are practical. The focus is on recommending cost-effective improvements to conserve water, improve coverage and to prevent problems from arising.