Control System Design, Programming & Maintenance


Irrigation control system technology has come a long way since the simple, mechanical wheel timers of the 1950s. Today‘s computer based central control systems, when correctly specified, installed and maintained, can elevate system performance and:

  • Conserve water resources
  • Reduce costs (labor, water, power, seed, chemical & fertilizer)
  • Monitor performance & send alerts in real-time
  • Allow remote user monitoring & control
  • Automate ancillary tasks such as pump operation, fertigation & filter back-flushing
  • Accumulate data & provide management information

The best systems integrate the use of sensors (weather stations, flow meters, tank level probes & soil moisture sensors). These sophisticated tools can control water flows over just one reserve or across entire cities.

No matter what the application, Parkland has in-depth experience in configuring and maintaining control systems to ensure efficient water use, waste water disposal and reduced costs. No project is too difficult.