Direct Acid Injection

Control pH safely and accurately with Heron Dosing Systems. Heron’s MPD2i is

  • Ideal for applications requiring low pH values (down to pH 4.5)
  • Suitable for water storage tank sizes ranging from 20,000 litres to 500,000 litres
  • Will work even if there is a high flow rate in and out of a small water storage tank
  • Is intrinsically fail safe
  • Has multiple alarm conditions are built-in


Accurate pH control is difficult to achieve. Long chemical reaction times are involved and a large proportion of acid is required to remove carbonates. The consequence is that pH will rise over time The Heron MPD2i direct acid injection system addresses all these issues to provide you with a safe and reliable solution for the acidification of water in storage tanks.

With the Heron MPD2i

  • A unique algorithm is used to determine acid dosing.
  • Venturis are used to dose acid providing a rugged design with minimum moving parts. No seals are in contact with concentrated acid and there is no foot valve in the acid tank
  • There is also minimal user handling of acid and no dilution of acid is required.
  • 60% nitric acid can be dosed reducing the size of the acid storage area.