Dec Pro

The GTI DecPro Decoder Programmer is completely portable, enabling the user to service decoders in the field quickly and easily.

  • DecPro uses wireless technology to communicate with the DecPro software
  • DecPro can read, program, and test both Gemini and Trident decoders
  • Program individual or sequential decoder numbers
  • Program multi-way decoders in one simple step




DecPro is an innovative decoder service tool designed for irrigation field maintenance and installation. Ideal for the installer, contractor and end user, DecPro enables quick and easy programming of decoder numbers for both Gemini and Trident decoders.

Additional Features:

  • Automatically detects the number of available decoder outputs
  • Optional spare battery packs available
  • Built-in indicators give feedback on battery and communication status
  • Quick connect wire terminals to attach the decoder
  • Ideal for offsite use prior to contractor installation
  • Supplied with Bluetooth adaptor
  • Compatible with Windows 10