Trident Decoder

GTI Trident Decoders can be used with all Trident systems and are capable of controlling up to 114 different stations per control cable.


Backwards Compatible

Bailoy decoders have always been designed to be fully backwards compatible with previous models. This allows them to be installed together with, or to replace all, previous Bailoy manufactured Gemini, Trident, SC3000 and CDS-DIU decoders previously licensed to third parties. This compatibility allows for managed replacement (or reinstallation on another control cable) as budgets allow, or when the older decoder fails. Later models allow the user to irrigate more stations simultaneously (in conjunction with GTI V3 software).


  • Built-in surge protection
  • Multi-way decoders available
  • Suitable for 3-core control cables
  • Compatible with all previous Bailoy-manufactured Trident decoders
  • Regulated output voltage
  • Can be installed together with, or to replace all, previous Bailoy-manufactured Trident decoders, SC3000, CDS-DIU and other selected LPD decoder makes.