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Mottech China recently completed the design and installation of irrigation management and control system in China’s Ningxia Province.

The system controls an area of ​​270 hectares for growing berries.

The source of the water is the Yellow River from which the water is pumped through a network of reservoirs to a pump house located in the area and includes 3 pressure boosters.

In this system control units are integrated to control water pumping, irrigation and fertilization. In total, 64 Piccolo XR units are installed, IRRInet ACE unit with 2 local modules and 2 PIU to control remote Piccolo XR units by radio communication.

The entire system is controlled by the ICC PRO management software installed on a central server and uses LAN communication for multiply users.

The ICC PRO software is displayed on a huge 86-inch touch screen. In addition, the ICC PRO App is used to operate the system from anywhere and at any time.

For the first time in China, three Fertigation machines of Mottech were integrated into the irrigation system. Mottech’s Fertigation Machine is suitable for integration with the ICC PRO and Motorola field units: IRRInet ACE and IRRInet M. Using EC & pH, sensors and fertilizer meters, three separate fertilization channels can be used simultaneously.

Motorola’s control system has advanced fertilizer capabilities, which include: defining the amount of fertilizer relative to the water, defining the amount of fertilizer relative to the area, continuous fertilizer injection throughout the irrigation program, washing pipes after fertilization and more.

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