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Mottech Parkland now offers a new generation pressure switch for sale.  It is a high impact plastic pressure switch, which is specific to decoder and radio input channels. This pressure switch is adjustable in the field, and can be used for filter flush, or for confirmation that a system is reaching its operating pressure.

The greatest opportunity that this pressure switch offers is validation of value operation in the field. It will show that not only has the solenoid coil been activated, but that the valve has hydraulically opened by a change in line pressure. This pressure switch is particularly useful on large systems and is ideal for problematic valves on older, existing irrigation systems.

Common Uses:

  • Post Field Valves for loss of pressure monitoring.
  • Field filter blockage indicator.
  • Irrigation system operating pre-set pressure.

For more information, or a quote, please contact Mottech Parkland on 07 3267 3522.

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