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Tethys provides a unique solution to water providers, engaging consumers and managing online water orders using the Tethys app. This unique solution represents a significant breakthrough in terms of water provider’s capabilities to meet consumer demand easily and efficiently, while maximising their available water resources, energy and labour force.

The entire system is based on Motorola’s control system; one of the world’s most advanced wireless control systems.

  • Tethys offers real-time reporting of water volume, flow and pressure at any point in the system.
  • Water resource management, taking into consideration the different sources of water and their prices.
  • Exporting the water consumption data to billing production systems.
  • Monitor and control of a water distribution system regardless of the number of consumers, valves, meters, and size of the distribution area.
  • Confirmation of the consumer’s water order is received within seconds.
  • Expanding the Tethys system for irrigation control in consumer fields.

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