Two Wire Controller (Ti240)

Heron 2-wire irrigation controllers and decoders offer an unparalleled level of protection against lightning and electrical surges.

  • Operate up to 640 valves, run up to 60 irrigation programs
  • Set up to 64 daily or weekly automatic starts
  • Run 16 valves in parallel
  • Run single cable lengths up to 5 Km
  • No limitations to cable topology




The Ti range of controllers utilise optical technology to isolate them from the 2 wire cable. Decoders have their own surge suppression, thermal trip and are fully waterproof. This 2 Wire controller has a superb range of software features enable you to customize the controller to match the exact needs of each installation.

The controller has been built with a unique lightning surge suppression feature utilizing optical technology.

To give you an even further degree of flexibility, the 2- wire irrigation controllers will integrate with a range of Heron sensors. Irrigation can be controlled by light, rain, temperature, humidity, wind speed or wind direction.

With Heron 2-wire irrigation controllers its easy and cost effective to add more valves, outputs or inputs to your installation.


  • Controllers are available in 3 sizes, supporting 40, 240 and 640 valves.
  • Up to 5 cable drivers can be connected to one irrigation controller.
  • Total output current of each cable driver is 1.6A.
  • Compatible with any 24V AC solenoid valve.
  • 1 , 2 or 3 output decoders available.
  • Output current is measured which can be displayed for diagnostic purposes.
  • Each Cable drivers have electronic over load cut out.
  • Range of pump start decoder options.
  • Standard decoder can be used as a master valve decoder or pump decoder.
  • Three digital inputs.
  • One socket to connect additional cards and line drivers.
  • One data connector to connect PC and GSM mobile phone module.
  • Designed to operate in an industrial environment. Hie electrical noise immunity, can withstand a 2.5KV electrical spike.
  • All outputs protected against electrical surges exceeding ANSI C62 surge suppression standards.
  • Battery backed-up clock. Clock immune to electrical noise.
  • Lockable outdoor steel enclosure available.