Environmental Weather Station

The full weather station for environmental control applications includes the following sensors:

  • Raining
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Wind speed and wind direction
  • The raining sensor will detect rainfall immediately so the vents can be closed



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The temperature sensor is used to control thermal screen and has control over the vents on temperature.

Light power is used to control shading.

Wind speed and direction will control the operation of vents. This weather station is available in simpler configurations. A common simplified configuration for this weather station includes a wind speed, a wind direction and a raining sensor.

The following sensors are available:-

  • Outside Temperature
  • Rain Fall
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Light
  • Raining
  • Aspirated Inside Temperature
  • Un-aspirated Inside Temperature

Weather Station 1
Measures temperature and rain fall to
calculate an ET value for irrigation.
Humidity is approximated from minimum
and maximum temperature readings.
Temperature: -25 to +50 deg C. Accurate
to 0.1 deg C
Rain Sensor : Tipping spoon type
Accurate to 1 mm